Clapham's Story

Clapham exists to be part of solution in the midst of the big problem we have. We have heard those stories over and over again;
Story of a young man unable to find place to support his dream.
Story of a community that struggle to gain traction and unable to find a sustainable way to empower its member.
Story of a young professional unable to pursue their business in the midst of his family business.
Story of a startup struggling to find funding and business model.
Story of designer unable to enrich his skill and upgrade his knowledge.


It is not easy to describe Clapham. People have used the words “office”, “platform”, “operating system”, “incubator”, “hub”, “marketplace”, and many other terms. If you subscribe to our values, we invite you to come and feel the vibe and energy around our place.
Clapham was born out of stories; stories of individuals, of passions, of friendship, and story of brokenness. Come, join us for the journey. It doesn’t have to be lonely.

Clapham People

These people make things happen, for a better city

Cindy Lailani

Community & Space Manager

Yuni Sri Wahyuni

Corporate Secretary

Fransisca Lukman

Finance Associate

Wenny Chandra

Finance Associate

Jesslyn William




Christopher Angkasa


Joeana Simon


Baby Aldin